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Britain's Best Selling Eco-Smart Electric Vehicle Charger


Smart, eco-friendly EV charger from £695 pounds

The first solar compatible EV charger in The World

zappi is the introduction to smart electric vehicle (EV) charging ports. zappi operates as a standard EV charger but its innovative technology also allows it to utilize 100% ECO energy generated from solar panels or wind turbines. Get the most Return on Investment (ROI) for your solar-powered gadgets, panels and EV with zappi’s easy installation, user-friendly, solar EV charger.


The first solar EV charger that uses its energy in a SMART & GREEN manner, zappi is the first of its kind and is innovatively designed to give users complete control of their EV charging experience. Set timers, monitor your devices, boost your functionality, and so much more through the myenergi app connected to your zappi. Comfortably charge your EV while it is not in use and choose how it is powered from your home’s electricity production. 


The zappi powers your EV in an environmentally friendly way so that your EV is driving cheaper for you and cleaner for our planet.

 Zappi Smart Electric Vehicle EV Charger

Three Charging Programs for your Lifestyle


Green energy + grid energy. Eco mode minimises grid power usage and can charge by using 100% green energy. If there are continuous changes in power generation because of power use elsewhere in the home, the charging power in Eco mode will adjust accordingly. 


Power will be drawn from the grid if surplus generation drops below 1.4kW.


Charge power is adjusted according to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Your EV charging will pause if there is too much power imported from the grid and will continue when there is a surplus of green energy available.


Fast mode allows your EV to be charged at maximum power. The power can come from the grid, solar panels or other renewable energy sources. 


If you don’t have a solar powered or wind generated system, zappi will charge like an ordinary Mode 3 charging port.

Car Plugged Into Zappi Electric Car Charger Port

zappi… Paving the road to green since 2017

Get the most out of your investment with multi-award winning EV charger: zappi

Charge Green Charge Smart

Set timers

Utilise economy tariffs that are significantly cheaper by setting a ‘boost timer’ that will start charging at times at the lowest rates. An alarm clock that saves you money while charging your EV.

No earth rod

Zappi is the safest and smartest electric car charging port as it eliminates the need to install additional Earth rods, is quick and easy to install, and has no hidden fees. 

Solar Compatibility

Zappi works harmoniously with your solar energy or wind generating system so that your EV can charge for free with green energy. 

Remote access

Access and control your devices from anywhere with the myenergi app and hub. Visual graphs allow you to monitor your energy sources all in one place.

Pincode protected

If your zappi EV charging port is out in the open, its features can be securely protected with a 5-digit pin code so only you can use it, change its settings and control it. 

Quick & easy installation

Zappi is quick and easy to install so that you can start using green energy faster! Zappi eliminates the need for costly earth rod installations and is up and running in no time. Despite its complex technologies, zappi is user-friendly and simple to control. As a progressive number of EV are flooding our planet, zappi designers across the UK want consumers to have a seamless electric car charging experience. Zappi is ready to use straight out of the package as soon as it is installed. Zappi has a built-in LCD screen that displays energy monitoring and solar generating features to help you get the most out of your smart energy.


Solar Bureau is certified to install and sell zappi products, for more information on our services visit: 

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